Human Wellbeing and Health

Progetto Invecchiamento – The Ageing Project

Innovazioni tecnologiche e molecolari per un miglioramento della salute dell’anziano

The project is an initiative of the national academic and industrial scientific communities which surrounds a wide-ranging interdisciplinary research program based on the most advanced analytical instruments available today for the:

1. Comprehension
2. Diagnosis
3. Treatment and Prevention

of phenomena related to ageing.

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Human Wellbeing and Health


Personalised Guidance Services for lifestyle management and Obesity prevention for teen-agers

Challenging teen-agers in their own fields and areas of interest, PEGASO – Fit 4 Future – aims at promoting a sustainable change towards healthy lifestyles, with an holistic and multidisciplinary approach.
Pivotal elements of the PEGASO strategy are:
1. developing self-awareness,
2. enhancing and sustaining motivation,
3.promoting behavioural change towards a healthy lifestyle.

On the technology level, PEGASO is a multi-dimensional and cross-disciplinary ICT-based system that exploiting sophisticated and engaging game mechanics will motivate behavioural changes towards healthy lifestyles thus preventing overweight and obesity in the younger population.
The framework of PEGASO is developed along three main dimensions:
1.Individual & Environmental Monitoring – a high level-monitoring platform including wearable sensors, mobile phone as well as multimedia diaries for the acquisition of physical, behavioural and emotional attitude of adolescent.
2.Feedback System – providing feedback in terms of « health status » changes, required actions to undertake and so on, proposing personalized healthy options for alternative lifestyles.
3.Social connectivity and engagement – addressing social networking strategies for users to share experiences in a community of peers through different gaming strategies.

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Post-stroke neuro-motor rehabilitation


RIPRENDO@Home – Recupero post-Ictus: Piattaforma per la RiabilitazionE Neuromotoria orientata al DOmicilio

RIPRENDO@home is a research project funded inside the framework agreement between Regione Lombardia and the National Council of Research (CNR).
The project’s goal is the development of an integrated technological platform oriented to the personalised neurorehabilitation in stroke patients at home.

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